Freshmen Survival Series

Some Serious advice from Some Saavy Seniors on Freshman Survival


Miranda & Christina

Dear, Freshman-

As you embark on your first of four years here at West Geauga, there are a few words of wisdom that we would like to share with you. These few pieces of advice are to be taken very seriously, as they are only meant to aid you in getting through high school as unscarred as possible. Let’s get one thing straight; we are not “bullying” you. We are enlightening you with information that will only help you.

First thing, that is of the upmost importance, is to learn how to walk the halls. It’s just like a street: always walk on the right side and there will be no problems for you. Also, do not congregate smack dab in the middle of the hall. This is one of the easiest ways to make an upperclassmen mad. So, either take it to the side or remain moving at all times. Please be aware that everyone in the hallway has somewhere to be within four minutes, not just you, so please refrain from making hundred yard dashes down the hall and knocking everyone out of the way. This does not mean for you to walk at the pace of a turtle, either.  While on the topic of hallways, please keep your personal problems/drama at a low volume. It is unnecessary to make your information known to everyone within 200 feet.

It is also important to take all of your classes and work very seriously because, before you know it, you’ll be a senior, applying to schools, (probably) wishing you would have tried a little harder. You want to graduate knowing that you worked as hard as you could and don’t regret anything. Always be nice to your teachers because they are the ones who can help you when you’re struggling. They are the ones who recommend you to college, and they are generally pretty awesome people once you get to know them. It’s important to keep them in your corner.

Finally, keep in mind that the upperclassmen are not out to get you. If you simply keep these few pieces of advice in mind during your freshman year, we generally won’t have any problems with you; we might even help you or, if you’re lucky, become your friend ! In a few short months, your freshman year will be over and you’ll be eager to “hate” on next year’s freshman. So, for now, you simply have to smile through the pain of your freshman year.



Miranda & Christina

Your Whirlwind Senior Editors