Prom Highlights Senior Events

Class of 2023 Celebrates Prom at Guido’s Party Center


Paige Trentanelli, Staff Writer

Seniors Gabriella Carcelli and Casey Orloski were crowned prom king and queen for the Class of 2023 at Guido’s Generation’s party center this year! “Congrats” to both!

The Class of 2023 has been through a lot of ups and downs to say the least. The beginning of their high school career took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet, through all the unique circumstances and “first’s” that everyone had to deal with on a daily basis, the class not only “survived” but continued to “thrive” through it all. The Class of 2023 won powderpuff games and awards, and overall made a great impact at West Geauga High School.

The prom court was comprised of a group of individuals who were greatly responsible for the success and spirit of their class. The court included Theodore Clouser, Everette McKissick, Cameron DiFranco, Casey Orloski, Berkeley Makuch, Jenna Julian, Madelyn Hann, Gabriella Carcelli, Frankee Flesher, and Courtney Whiting. Congratulations to all of the prom court for being nominated.

Prom queen, Gabriella Carcelli, is a very involved student at West G. She shared that she has participated in Interact and has worked her way up to being club president. She has given many speeches in front of the rotary club meetings and has done a lot of work for charities. Considering her involvement, she was really excited to be a member of the prom court and said that winning prom queen would be, “…going out with a bang.” Previous to prom she shared that she was excited to spend the weekend with her friends at their last event. 

Prom king, Casey Orloski, is additionally a very involved student at the high school. Casey shared that he has been involved in sports at West G like wrestling and baseball. On April 3rd Casey proved himself to be heroic and a great, contributing student at the high school. Students are endlessly grateful for his contributions. Casey stated that he was considering becoming a firefighter in the future and he wants to, “…spread more awareness about how to prevent school violence.” Casey shared that at prom he was looking forward to “partying” with the class one last time. 

An interesting side note to this year’s court is that both Cameron and Frankee were also previously members of the Homecoming court. 

Congratulations to all the members of the prom court. Thank you for being involved, outgoing, and heroic, and making a great impact on the Class of 2023.