Interact Club has Akron Children’s Hospital “Covered”

Blankets and Toiletries Collect for Children’s Hospital


Brianna Weaver, Staff Writer

West G’s Interact club, which focuses on volunteering within the Geauga community, decided to support Akron Children’s Hospital for this year’s project! The club decided to help the patients at Akron Children’s Hospital by hand-making tie-die blankets for them and by collecting toiletries. This project was decided upon at the Interaction event at Stow  High School, which is an event that invites all Interact club members to come and talk about their clubs. These tie blankets are only one part of a much larger project that spans the 13 different schools invited to the event. 

Overseen by high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Chelsea Talty, the Interact faculty advisor, 50 members of the Interact club made over 75 tie blankets for Akron Children’s Hospital. The process of laying out and matching the fabric together, cutting the edges, and tying them together took about 2 total hours. This is the first time Interact has done this event, but, luckily, it will most likely not be the last! They dropped off the blankets during the Akron Children’s Hospital all-day Radiothon fundraiser and did a live interview during the Radiothon. 

While they do not know the next time they might do the blanket project, the Interact club wants to try and do it once more by the end of the year. We welcome anyone who wants to help!

The next part of the project revolved around a toiletry drive. Interact collected travel-sized, new, products to donate to Akron’s Children’s Hospital. They collected the items from March 6th to 18th. Items included single sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash/lotion, tooth brushes, and toothpaste. There was also a monetary donation option through Infinite Campus. 

If you do not have a way to donate through Interact, there are still ways to support the Akron Children’s Hospital! You can contribute by purchasing things on their Amazon wishlist. 

A representative from the Akron Children’s Hospital was also at the conference for the Youth Luncheon on Saturday, April 29th. You can also make a cash donation that will go directly to the Akron Children’s Hospital through this link: Donate to Akron Children’s Now

 If you have any questions, please reach out to the club advisor at [email protected]