Kindness Week Observed at West Geauga

Student Council Promotes Kindness Week


Nick Res, Staff Writer

Spearheaded by Student Council’s lead advisor, high school science teacher, Mrs. Stephanie Meyer, Kindness Week offered themes and incentives for students to participate in to show school spirit and promote a welcoming, helpful attitude. In addition, high school teachers were armed with “Caught Being Kind” cards to reward students for their random acts of generosity. 

Mrs. Meyer detailed the processes of putting on Kindness Week, saying, “The entire week was planned by our Kindness Week Committee, made up of student council members from all grades. They chose the themes, checklists, and made the plans for the week. Student Council purchased the ‘Caught Being Kind cards, as well as the t-shirts to give away as prizes. Mrs. Meyer also explained the timing for Kindness Week, stating that it takes place every year during the week of Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Students were encouraged to take part in generous behavior throughout the week by offering prizes for participating in the themes, which could be anything from BBQ Dads to Wacky Hat Day, and competing in challenges to do as many kind deeds as possible. “While the themes for each day are just for fun,” said Mrs. Meyer, “we did give each one a kindness themed name (ex. Hats off to Kindness, Double your Kindness, etc.).” This wrapped every day into the theme of the week.

When asked what Kindness Week’s ultimate purpose was, Mrs. Meyer explained, “The goal is to empower our students and staff to create a lasting culture of kindness inside and outside of our school.”