From Our House to Yours

New Open House Format in 2014


     Many of you might have heard about or been involved in open house this year. Due to the grand opening of the turf field on the same night that open house took place, it was a highly anticipated event.                                                      

     Along with the anticipation, changes were also brought about. Held on Friday, September 5th, the same night as the first home football game, the West Geauga students and staff hoped to engender more parents to attend than in previous years. Specific steps were taken to garner a greater crowd this year. Advertising for the turf and open house were grouped together, and promotion started a few months prior to the event than it has in years past. 

     The format and procedures of Open House were also altered to be more convenient. “Our goal was to boost parental attendance this year,” principal Mr. Jay Bishop said.                      

     Rather than having parents go to “set” classrooms at set times, in other words, follow their students’ schedules, classroom doors were to remain open throughout the entire event. Parents could select which teacher they wanted to speak to and when they wanted to see him or her. The students of the National Honors Society and student council assisted in the procedures of the, truly, “open” house.

     Despite efforts to increase attendance, the number of parents in attendance remained about equal to last year’s numbers. Ultimately, open house was a success this year. Everything ran smoothly and the new format proved to be a success.