TV Production Class Goes LIVE


     What do you picture when you think of West G TV? If you see anything ordinary, you are far from the truth. This club is full of laughs, segments, announcements, and more. But after the beginning chaos disappears, a series of accomplishments are left behind.

     West G TV, also known as “WGTV,” is run by its advisor, Mrs. Keli Klampe, as well as Natalie Cizek (President), Kristina Zerbe (Vice President), Victoria Grabinski (Secretary), and Miranda Young (Treasurer). Completing the club are the multiple news teams that also play a large part in the process.

     A typical day of announcements consists of multiple jobs. Being a reader, choosing backgrounds, adjusting the sound, and preparing the green screen all occur ! Afternoons consist of anything from meetings, to filming and editing segments, and other videos. The studio is full of professional equipment, like the teleprompter gained from a school auction, as well as other items purchased from graduation video sales and past fundraisers.

     There are always “issues” the members are running into, and, as Mrs. Klampe would say, “Is there any problem we haven’t run into?” But in the end, everything works out, usually with assistance from senior Kyle Kaneicki, who is always up to date on the technological side of things.

     WGTV is always searching for new members, as many are seniors, soon to graduate. The next meeting is scheduled for September 17th after school in the studio. Come see what life is like behind, or in some cases, in front of the camera!