Seniors…Your Life, Your Choice

Senior Class Attends Program with Sobering Intentions

Seniors...Your Life, Your Choice

In late April the senior class participated in a program entitled, “Your Life, Your Choice” at Parkside Church in Bainbridge, along with numerous other area schools.

The program was designed to target teens and inform them about the dangerous consequences of drinking and driving. With prom and graduation season quickly approaching for the senior class, this program featured many touching true stories and tragedies that had a significant effect on all in attendance.

The program featured videos, pictures, and even live speakers in an attempt to discourage and inform as many young people as possible about drunk driving. Real life prisoners, police officers, and even families who have lost children, siblings, or parents offered advice and their experiences. The speakers were so touching that many people in the audience, including teachers, were moved to tears.

The program concluded with a “remembrance walk,” where families of drunk driving victims stood next to pictures of their deceased sons or daughters. The reverence and respect that each member in the audience showed was incredible.

Overall, the program most definitely made an impact on each and every senior. We wish them a safe prom and graduation season filled with fantastic memories and smart choices.