2016 Showcase of Talent

Senior Show is a HIT !

Oh, What a Night !

Oh, What a Night !

The 2016 Senior Show lit up the stage on April 22nd. About 200 people attended to watch the 15 acts of singing, dancing, music, and magic. “It was a phenomenal exhibition of talent,” said Rachel Cannata, a senior who attended the show. The audience stayed entertained the entire time and participated throughout the show by clapping along and waving flashlights from their phones. The show raised $1,400 for the 2016 After Prom, which made it a very successful night.

The new part about the show, the VIP tables, sold very well, too. 7 tables were reserved and the pre-show party was highly enjoyed with great food and people. Everyone had a great time mingling with friends, family, and show participants. Some seniors who were not in the show even helped out as “bouncers” to keep the crowd under control. The sponsors of the party included Guido’s, Bass Lake Tavern, Mishaga Family, and Sysco Cleveland. Their contributions made everything possible. The VIP aXess Party kicked off a night that only got better.

The Masters of Ceremonies, Michael Archiable and Emily Lindsey, led the audience through the show and brought out laughs from the start. They involved themselves with the show every step of the way by changing costumes multiple times, blowing bubbles, and making it a fun time overall. Every senior had something special to showcase, which made for a fantastic show. Maria Tirabassi, Jessica Mackie, Ellis Lyles, Karissa Gerard, Gianna Paterniti, Angela Warholic, Zavier McLean, and Lily Williams were the the vocal experts of the night, while Hannah Spies indulged us with dance. Katherine Kulp, Taylor Thornton, Daniel Arnaut, and more provided musical entertainment.

The show also contained an extraordinary 10 person Mariachi Band, which included the musical stylings of Luke Bear, Tucker Harvey, Benny Johnson, Chloe Martin, Morgan Randall, Marcus Reider, and other seniors from past acts.

The seniors did not stop there, though. Another strong act of the night came from Marcello Adhikary who performed magic right in front of our eyes. His magic acts brought even more amusement and mystery to the show that never stopped amazing the crowd. The show stayed strong through the entire evening and was wrapped up with the senior song “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root.

One other amazing part about the show was how many students it brought together. Not only was the show filled with seniors but also with students from other grades who accompanied the seniors in their acts. Duncan McElroy, Josh Burke, Samantha Paros, and Austin McGuire were the other superstars from the show who helped make the seniors shine. Most of them performed on stage while Austin handled sound. The show took many efforts from all parts of the school and community to make this night happen. Not every show can be perfect, though; Some problems arose during rehearsals and that night.

For Katherine Kulp, the “music preparation” was the hardest part. She played piano for Angela Warholic and working in practices and studying made it difficult to learn the music right away. Seniors are very busy this time of the year, so this struggle was most likely shared with the rest of the acts. They also had troubles with the sound system 15 minutes before showtime. Everyone was is a slight panic mode at the time, but, thanks to Austin, fixing it in the nick of time, the show could go on.  All the hard work that was put in before and during the show paid off because the audience enjoyed every second and they were able to raise money for After Prom.

Two of the seniors even asked their prom dates to the dance during their act! Both girls said yes which made for an even more memorable night.

We wish the best of luck to the class of 2016 and hope that they never stop amazing us with their numerous talents on and off the stage.