Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Mason and Carlo ink Letters of Intent for next year

Sign on the Dotted Line

Sign on the Dotted Line

Brittni Mason and Cassandra Carlo are amazing athletes and students. They both committed to the colleges of their choice to play their favorite sports. Brittni signed with Eastern Michigan University to further her track experience and Cassie signed with Notre Dame College to continue to play volleyball. College sports are not easy to manage, but these two bright girls will be able to handle it, while keeping up their excellent grades.

Brittni has been running for 8 years and has received many prestigious title and awards throughout the years. EMU first noticed her at outdoor state in 2015 when she took to the podium twice.  She gave herself many possible choices as to where she wanted to attend college, but EMU seemed to suit her. Mason said, “I knew EMU was the best fit for me, academically and athletically.” Brittni went on almost ten college visits before making her final decision. Eastern Michigan gave her the highest scholarship offer, based on her track performance and grades. She plans to major in Sports psychology and wants to make the best of her college experience. Brittni loves the living conditions and simply said, “It just felt like home.” The Eagles look forward to her joining them in fall of 2016.

Brittni will be running in the 60,100 and 200m dashes next track season, along with relays. She hopes to shave a second off of her time in the 100m and 200m for the upcoming college season. She is aiming for a time of 23sec in the 200m and a time of 11sec in the 100m dash. She is most excited to be with girls who carry the same mindset as her and share her strong passion for this sport. She is also looking forward to traveling to different colleges to compete and represent EMU. Brittni connected with the other tack girls well and loves that the coaches make personal connections with all of the athletes.

She officially signed on April 19th, which happened to be her 18th birthday. She had the library filled with friends, teachers, and students supporting her. She would like to thank her family, friends, and coaches for helping her get where she is today.

Cassandra Carlo has been playing Volleyball for 10 years; her love for this sport started in 4th grade. For her upcoming years at NDC, she said she is most excited for, “Meeting new people and building relationships with my teammates.” Norte Dame offered Cassie a very good scholarship that she could not turn down. She went on four college visits before deciding which college was the right choice. NDC first noticed how well Cassie played at a tournament in Columbus during the Junior Olympic Season last year. Cassie said, “I owe it to my family and coaches for all of my success.” Her dad has had the privilege to be Cassie’s coach since the 6th grade.

Cassie will be in the nursing program for the next four years. She is looking forward to, “…learning how to balance school, athletics, and my social life.” On April 13th she officially signed with the support from her loving family. Even though she will not be that far away from home, she will be rooming on campus with a dedicated runner. We are excited to watch Cassie grow as an athlete and see all of the great things she will accomplish.