Not Your Ordinary Fish Food

WG Community Comes Together to Aid Teacher Fighting Cancer


One great thing about West Geauga is the power we have when we come together. When a problem arises, the school jumps into action. When high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Kim Fish, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, many teachers in the school became inspired to help out. They organized a benefit in order to raise money to support Mrs. Fish. West Geauga High School hosted the benefit on April 8th , which included a pasta dinner, interactive events, and musical entertainment. The food was provided by Chesterland’s Rise and Dine Café, as well as the West Geauga cafeteria staff and Mr. Dale Smith’s “foods and noots” class. Class Act, Jazz Band, and DJ Joe M lit up the night with their musical performances. Help came from all corners of the school and community and the turn out of the evening pleased everyone who put in all the hard work.

Planning an event like this was. “…a lot of work” said art teacher Mrs. Andi Janke, one of the driving forces behind the fundraiser. The idea started right after the staff had a meeting where they were told the news. Mrs Jahnke immediately knew that the art club wanted to do something. Quickly thereafter, everyone was becoming involved, asking “What can we do, how can we help?” Nobody asked why, but, rather took the bull “by the horns” and brought the idea to life. High school staff members Mrs. Christina Sherwood, Mrs. Chelsea Talty, and Mrs. Joyce Laurita are some of the others who put in lots of work, also. It’s hard to pinpoint all the specific people who helped out, as a great deal of people took initiative and did something right away.

Mrs. Laurita was very pleased with the fundraiser and said it, “Turned out wonderful!” Everyone was concerned about how it was going to come together, “and it did!” The entire community and school “worked tirelessly” which made for a successful night full of great food and great people.

The fundraiser ended up taking in just under $9,000. Mrs. Jahnke feels honored to be a teacher at West Geauga and was thrilled that she was able to help organize something that brought unity to the school; she most likely shares these same feelings with the rest of the staff.

We all send a big thank you out to every person who helped out in any way and for all the people who attended. The benefit would not have been possible without what the local businesses and community, staff, and students had to offer. The school continues to show strong support for Mrs. Fish, in hopes of being able to welcome her back to West Geauga High School soon.