Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA Begins Again at West G


FCA Meets in Room 105

The FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes club of West Geauga has been restarted at West Geauga High School this school year. Many years ago FCA did exist at West G. In fact, English teacher, coach, and former West Geauga athlete, Mr. Joe Marino, was in FCA when he was a student at West Geauga in the early 80’s. (Advisor Note: for those wondering, YES, it is cheating to interview your father as a source for your article…but we’ll let it slide this time).

FCA is an international non-profit Christian sports ministry based in Kansas City, Missouri. FCA was founded in 1954 and has staff offices located throughout the United States and in 47 foreign countries.

The purpose of the club is to create a faith – based, uplifting environment for students to grow in. During the meetings, senior leaders Ashley Brooks, Zach Luciano and Michael Archiable lead the group in discussing a Bible verse and then plan a lesson according to the message of that verse. One of the best parts of this club is that it is open to everyone and is non – secular. In case you are wondering, not everyone is the club is an athlete. Everyone is, however, interested in learning more about his/her faith, in the hope that it will become stronger.

Zach, Ashley and Michael were inspired to begin this club at West G because their friends from their home church who attend Chagrin High School always told them about their club and how successful it was. Michael said he wanted to start FCA because, “It’s an amazing opportunity to spread God’s love and joy to students.” Assistant Principal Mr. Mike Murawski and teacher Mr. Lou Cirino fulfill the adult roles as advisors to the club.

Because they are all seniors, Ashley, Mike and Zach have said that they cannot wait to see what this club grows to be after they leave this year.