NHS Inductees Join the Club

2016 is Largest Class in West Geauga History

NHS Inductees Join the Club

National Honors Society is a nationwide organization that consists of students who show great character, leadership, and volunteer service in addition to a pre-determined, minimum GPA.  To qualify for this program a student needs to maintain a 3.35 GPA through the end of the first semester of his/her junior year. All eligible students are then evaluated by the high school staff.  The candidates have to document all their service work towards the school and community.  The cumulative average of the staff rankings and scores given for different levels of service hours determine membership.

The amount of students who are accepted into NHS varies each year. This year’s new inductees set a new record with 45 students. It is incredible that West Geauga has this many dedicated and qualified students for this outstanding program. Senior Morgan McCluskey said, “It is an honor to be accepted into NHS. I am so happy all my hard work paid off.”  Mr. Ben Speros has been in charge of the organization at WGHS for the past 11 years.

The volunteer work that NHS members participate in ranges from helping at school events to community activities in the summer.  They assist with evening high school events like conferences, open house, football games, and graduation.  The members also have in-school duties like tutoring other students and a peer lunch mentoring program.  The community activities that they can participate in are Chesterfest and the Geauga West Library’s children’s activities.  In the past, the group has partnered with Ronald McDonald House and the Geauga County Council on Aging.  Each activity is worth a certain amount of service points and, in order for a member to receive a special NHS cord at graduation, s/he needs to accumulate at least 20 total points.

NHS was created in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School principals. Over one million students are estimated to participate in the National Honors Society. This is an international program and is found in American schools across the globe.

2016 West Geauga NHS Spring Inductees:

Molly Alesnik * Alexis Ange * Jessica Baliker * Grace Barber * Marissa Barbieri * Luke Bear * Jennifer Curtis * Alison D’Alessandro * Kaitlyn DiBiase * Hailey Donato * Samuel Faulk *Hannah Fox * Bella Garcia * Jason Gialamas * Camryn Heatwole * Erin Hoeh * Robert Kelly * Grace Lutat * Nicholas Luther * Austin Maguire * Jack Makee * Morgan McCluskey * Jorge Mirabelli * Anna Murray * Alexander Newlon * Matthew Palmer * Alyssa Posante * Christina Praprost * James Pusterhofer * Jessica Sargent * David Sprenger * Lindsey Stanforth * Shannon Stanforth * Sabrina Sugar * Deanna Swinerton * Chase Waterman * Ellen Wehrle * Aiyana Welch-Muraski * Margaret Williams * Heather Wilson  * Caroline Wolfhope * Kevin Wright * Sydney Young * Hannah Zannetti * and Kara Zebrowski. Congrats to all !