West G. TV Fills The Airways

Morning Announcements Are On


Photo Courtesy WG Yearbook

West Geauga High School is full of many exciting clubs and activities. This certain club has been around since West Geauga implemented televisions into the school day. What is this?If you have ever tuned in to morning announcements each day during your second period class, you have West G. TV to thank. The club is run by one of our very own English teachers, Mrs. Kelly Klampe. Members of the club work hard to provide school news and reminders to West Geauga students and staff each and every day.

Typically, two students from the club, who sign up to do morning announcements each day, broadcast the school announcements to each and every classroom at West Geauga High.The club has invested in a camera recorder, much like the ones professional news stations utilize,as well as other technological features like a green screen to provide further entertainment to the student body. The green screen typically is displayed behind the two newscasters and often shows humorous images or pretty scenes. Before the announcements start, the club also thinks of a tricky riddle for students to ponder over that they display on the television screens.

In addition to morning announcements, on occasion, West G TV will also broadcast entertaining videos where club members can interview teachers and students or even make up songs. These videos certainly brighten students’ and staff members’ mornings and provide a comical spin on a typical (and possibly) mundane day.

Overall, West G TV provides smiles and laughs to students and staff members throughout West Geauga High School. If you want to learn about cool new technology, and have an interest in news broadcasting and reporting, West G TV is for you!

Be sure to tune in to the morning announcements each day during second period for up-to-date news and reminders, involving clubs, sports, and the school in general.