New Faces in Familiar Places

WGHS Welcomes New Teacher


Mrs. Valerie Schmotzer is West G’s newest addition to the high school staff. Principal Mr. Jay Bishop called Mrs. Schmotzer about an open position for an Intervention Specialist long – term substitute job when an opening surfaced to cover for another teacher due to medical leave. Mrs. Schmotzer was very interested in the position, as she had heard good reports about West G from many people who knew about the district and the community. That was one of the reasons why she chose to take the position here at West Geauga in the middle of a school year.

Mrs. Schmotzer attended Akron Garfield High School for the first half of high school but then transferred to Akron Springfield for the rest of her high school career. Mrs. Schmotzer received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She also received a Master of Science from The University of Akron and a Master in Education from Ashland University. Altogether, she has been in professional education for 10 years now.

Mrs. Schmotzer noted that she doesn’t have a favorite subject, but she truly enjoys learning and teaching any subject, no matter what topic it is. While not in a traditional classroom, Mrs. Schmotzer is an intervention specialist, helping students in any subject where they might be experiencing difficulty. Ms. Schmotzer is a role model to her students, as she tries to make every student’s education a success. She said, “If there is one thing I would want any student to take away, it would be to be a lifelong learner – no one knows everything, but everyone can learn something.”

Mrs. Schmotzer has been married to her husband, Jamie, for seven years and she is the proud “parent” to her Beta Fish, Francis. Mrs. Schmotzer has many hobbies, including hikes and taking walks. She also plays volleyball, crochets, knits, paints, goes for bike rides along towpaths, and goes camping with her husband. Mrs. Schmotzer traveled over 1,100 miles on a bicycle down the coast of California on Highway 101 from San Francisco to San Diego and over to Phoenix, Arizona for a psychology class during the month of January her senior year in college.

You might have seen Mrs. Schmotzer in the staff vs. student volleyball game held in the school gym a few weeks ago ! She was easily the “star” of the staff team. She plays volleyball at least twice per week in a women’s league and a co-ed league, as well as participating in open gym volleyball sessions and all-day tournaments. Mrs. Schmotzer has been playing volleyball since the 7th grade and it is her favorite sport.

Welcome to West Geauga High School, Mrs Schmotzer !