Because I Said I Would

Alex Sheen Presents a Powerful Message to the Wolverine Nation


Photo by Mr. Bishop

“Because I Said I Would” is a nonprofit social movement that is run by Mr. Alex Sheen. Alex Sheen made a post – holiday visit to West Geauga in early 2016 and gave a presentation on the importance of keeping promises. A little background…

Mr. Sheen’s father sparked this idea in him. His father was a man who kept promises. When he passed away in 2012, Sheen wanted to do something that would help that mindset live on. He offered that day to send 10 “Promise Cards” (business sized cards with sentiments written on the back of them) to anyone in the world for free. This set off a reaction he never would’ve expected. To date, there have been 3.15 million Promise Cards sent out since 2012. 153 different countries requested them and 44,504 school aged students have been served through speeches.

High school principal, Mr. Jay Bishop was in search of a speaker for the students. He found Sheen’s website and watched his videos. Coincidentally, Mrs. Lisa Zimmer from the West Geauga Middle School emailed Bishop, informing him that they were having Sheen speak and asked if he wanted him to speak at the high school.

This speech made a huge impact on this school. “It was very interesting to see what our students wrote on the promise cards.  Students acknowledged the want to make themselves, the school, the community and their families a better place.” said Bishop, “These promises will, indeed, make West Geauga a better place.” Mr. Bishop would love to have Sheen back in the future, also.

Guidance counselor, Mrs. Kim Zannetti, was outside the cafeteria almost every day for several weeks selling, “Because I Said I Would” merchandise. They sold approximately 300 dollars’ worth of t-shirts, bracelets, and hats.

To help spread the “Because I Said I Would” message or for more information, go to his web site at