Latin Come Lately

Latin Club Keeps Moving Forward


Photo Courtesy Graora

There are many clubs around our very own West Geauga High that are unbeknownst to many of us. Led by Mr. Aaron Graora, Latin Club has been around at our school for many years now. Mr. Graora has been the advisor of the club for the past three years, and this year they are going places.

The purpose of the club, according to Mr. Graora, is, “…to enrich young minds in Roman Culture, Myth, Language, and History.” The club meets every Monday to prepare for the Columbus competition where the students compete versus other schools in the state. The club also partakes in annual chariot races.

This year, the club consists of twenty members who plan to take home a trophy for West Geauga High School in Columbus. The club has big goals this year. Mr. Graora said, “Our goals for this year are to prepare our students for the state competition in Columbus and to overall enrich them.”

If you’re interested in joining a club that is teeming with fresh competition, as well as an enriching educational experience, think about joining Latin Club.

We wish the club the best of luck in the state competition and in future endeavors to come!