Let it Snow…Let it Snow

Alpine Valley is Right Next Door

Need a Lift ? Alpine !

Need a Lift ? Alpine !

The snow is finally here…and then it left…now it’s back ! Then it came back…and now it’s gone again. Now it’s back. Tired of the rollercoaster ? Be glad you’re not a weather forecaster, right ? Must be winter in Northeast Ohio ! While the snow might be bad news for the people who claim they are “stuck in Ohio,” it is good news for Alpine Valley. Our local ski resort offers many exciting things to do in the winter like snowboarding, skiing, and tubing. Local park rider, senior Martin Peko said, “The great thing about Alpine Valley is the location. It is the closest thing to me and it is always a blast!” If you do not own your own snowboard or set of skis, no worries ! You can rent them for the day.

Alpine offers five chairlifts, seven different trails, and a jam packed terrain park with features like rails and bigger jumps. These trails’ difficulties vary in range, so there is something for everybody, whether you are a beginner or a downhill skiing thrill seeker.

Once you hear your stomach start to growl, you can head right over to the cafeteria. Do not be afraid of it; the is amazing food. They offer everything that you can even think of with items ranging from cheeseburgers and French fries to mozzarella sticks. Alpine employee and West Geauga senior Joe Coffey said, “Come in and I’ll make the best burger in your whole life.” Inside there is also a fireplace that keeps the entire lodge warm. There is even a place to set your mittens when they are wet so they can be warm and dry.

Another fun experience is the Polar Blast Snow Tubing. The tubing is one of the best things Alpine Valley has to offer because all you have to do is sit down and then go down the hill! The snow tube has a hook on it that attaches to the conveyer belt and the employees hook you right on. So the drag of walking up the hill is totally out of the picture. Since the Polar Blast Snow Tubing hill is not close to the cafeteria, it has its own little food area, also.

If you are bored in the winter with nothing to do (like many of us), you should head over to Alpine Valley and try out any of the many fun experiences they have to offer. It truly is West Geauga’s “Winter Wonderland.”