Sono in Visita per un Anno

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I am Visiting for a Year

West Geauga student Shelby Deacon and her family have added a new member to their household this school year. Giulia Omenigrandi is a junior foreign exchange student from Italy.

After a nine hour plus flight, Giulia finally arrived in America. She was very scared and apprehensive about changing flights by herself, with the fear of messing up or becoming lost, and that was difficult to cope with at the start of an already scary trip.

Giulia did not know anyone here in America and she feared not being able to make friends. She was also worried about navigating around her new “home” and town. Back in Italy Giulia is from a small town near Milan. According to the parameters of her exchange program, she is not permitted to go back to her own country, nor is her family is not allowed to come to the U.S. before Spring Break. However, she is not completely isolated.

She texts her family (almost every day) and they FaceTime every two weeks. Giulia says her favorite part of America is, “The sports after school. We don’t have that in Italy and it’s a good opportunity.” Last fall, Giulia participated as a member of the volleyball team.

America is not exactly what Giulia expected. Apparently in Italy, some people think Americans are fat, have bad coffee and all we eat is McDonalds. Giulia has also noticed that in America school kids, at times, focus more on the “social” aspect of high school, whereas in Italy, they focus on academics, too.

Giulia has adjusted well and is excited to see what else America has in store for her. Before she says, “Arrivederci,” to West Geauga and America, make sure you find her and say, “Ciao.”