Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Rock

Pumping Up the VOLUME !


Courtesy Pastor Photo

While it is hard to tell by looking outside, winter is upon West Geauga; along with the winter weather comes boys basketball. However, while the boys and girls sports teams are covered extensively, the varsity cheerleaders are unsung parts of the teams that are also important.

There are eight varsity basketball cheerleaders: seniors Angelina Hrobat (Captain), Mady Corradetti, Katy Larrick (Captain), Hannah Zanetti (Captain), Hannah Spies, and juniors Sabrina Sugar, Ellen Wehrle and Jessica Baliker.

The girls are having fun and working hard as a group to improve their halftime performances at every game. Coach Mrs. Kimberley Zanetti commented, “There is tremendous discipline on the squad, and the girls are always willing to have extra practices and put in extra time.”

Jessica Baliker is excited for the rest of the season. “It’s fun to cheer and dance with my friends,” she said, “and it’s also exciting to watch the games because some of them are really close.”

Come see the girls cheer on the boys team at their next game !