Splish, Splash…we’re NOT Takin’ a Bath

Swimming Continues at West G.

This year girls swimming at West Geauga has had more adjustments than in previous years. The team is the smallest, number wise, it has been since 2001, having 13 girls. That number might sound like a lot, but, in swimming, it really helps to have the lanes filled to keep the meets competitive. Without those numbers, even if you win the race, it’s the followers in an event that push you to victory. Last year the girl’s record was 5-6. Due to the size of the team, this year their record has been 1-8-1.

Another significant change to the team has been their coach. Since the team began in 1997, they have trained with the same coach. This year they have been practicing at Beachwood High School with the coach of the Bison swim team, Mr. Brad Burget. Head coach Mrs. Debbie Diadiun says, “The new training methods and new pool atmosphere has been a bit of an adjustment for our swimmers.”

Of the 13 girls, the team has one diver, sophomore Kami Goodrick. Kami practices separately from the swimmers with a coach from Solon. The 4 seniors this year are Kelly Karban, Kelli Kinley, Katherine Kulp, and Grace Platek. These girls have been the backbone of the swimming team since their freshman year. Coach Diadiun hopes to have a bunch of new swimmers and divers next season to fill their shoes.

As for this season’s goals, Coach Diadiun said, “I would like to see us get a few relays to the district championship meet as well as 2 [or] 3 individuals who will probably make it to that level.” Kami and her coach hop she will make it to the top of the heap and win the Division II state diving title this year, as she was in second in the state diving championship last year.

The team this year has several new swimmers who have stepped up to help the team.  Freshman Fiona Fisher is an experienced swimmer and has become a great finisher for the team, also showing great promise for future seasons.  Bethany Heffron and Andres Lujan-Salas, both sophomores, are new to competitive swimming. They have worked hard and caught on quickly. They will be a big part of the team’s future as their skills improve in the different strokes. Freshmen Katherine Finnick and Rory Kelly have some swimming experience as well and are quickly learning all strokes and becoming contributors at meets.

The girls next big event will be the sectional championship meet on February 13th. The event will be held at the Hawken pool.