Another GPA…Getting “Paid” Athletically

Financial Sports Aid Night

Leonette and Dorazio

Leonette and Dorazio

So you think you’re going to get a college scholarship to play sports, eh ? You say, “I’m a good high school athlete and I was the MVP of my 3rd grade travel team. Someone will give me college money for sports, right ?” It’s not that easy, my friends, and we’re sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if that’s your mindset. So how do you maximize your chances of securing athletic money for college when only 14 % of high school students nationwide receive some type of aid for sports ?

Last semester, athletic director Mr. Joe Leonette, arranged for guest lecturer, Mr. Frank Dorazio, to come speak to our school’s student-athletes and parents about potential opportunities concerning scholarships and playing sports at the next level.

This presentation was not only to be informational, but also to provide more opportunities for our students and parents to learn what it takes in regards to participating in a collegiate sport. Mr. Dorazio provided information about all the NCAA divisions (I, II and III), the NAIA, and junior colleges opportunities. In his presentation he included what schools and coaches look for, both academically and athletically.

“I have hosted similar events at past schools and received great feedback.  It provides both a positive and realistic outlook to anyone interested in playing at the next level,” said Mr. Leonette.

According to Mr. Leonette in addition to providing a great amount of information about all levels of competition in the collegiate setting, it also provided them with a vision of what is needed from individuals who want to continue to be involved in a sports program after graduating high school. Junior Cam Searight, who attended the event said, “Mr. Dorazio really stressed that you have to get good grades in order to be accepted into one of the top notch schools. The program also helped with thinking about what’s best for me in the future.”

Hopefully the students went home, excited and eager to begin or continue their searches for collegiate competition. If there is a college for everyone to continue to play the sport s/he loves, this program can help you find it.