Pretty Successful At Test

Johnson Achieves Commended Scholar Status on PSAT

Big Ben !

Big Ben !

West Geauga senior Benjamin Johnson is being recognized as a National Merit Commended Scholar. As a junior, Ben took the PSAT and scored in the top 1% of students across the nation. Of the 1.5 million entrants, he was one of the 50,000 highest Section Index scores in critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills. Ben is proud to represent West Geauga in receiving his award. He said, “Although I wish that I hadn’t fallen short of semifinalist status, there are a lot of opportunities that come with that award.”

In his junior year, Ben challenged himself with Advanced Placement classes in calculus, U.S. history, English, and computer science. Ben now takes AP classes in statistics, English literature, government, and chemistry. Ben spends some of his nights doing 4 to 5 hours of homework and others with none. “I’m a bit of a procrastinator. It always gets done, though!” Ben said.

Other school activities Ben participates in are leading the drum line in the marching band with his snare drum and being the captain for the first Tech Challenge Competition in the robotics club.

In his free time, Ben enjoys tinkering with his computer and doing small programming and electronics projects to keep himself busy. He also likes to watch movies, play games, and just hanging out with friends when he has the time.

Ben was aware of the scholarship opportunities but did not study for this test. He considers himself a good test taker, which worked out well for him in achieving this award. Ben plans on attending college at the. “best computer science school,” he can be accepted into. His top choice is Stanford, but he is also will be applying to MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, and the University of Michigan.

Ben said, “I’m honored to be able to represent West G by earning this commendation. The National Merit Scholar program offers some great opportunities for students and I’d encourage anyone taking the PSAT to strive to be a part of it.”