Believing and Achieving 

West Geauga Embarks on Cooperative Effort in Food Service


Results Being Achieved

Starting in 2013, Café Achieve had a very humble beginning. Other than a few loyal regulars, not a lot of people knew about it. Nestled in the back of the cafeteria, those wonderful warm cookies and breakfast sandwiches were almost a secret. Towards the end of the year, business began to grow. Those few, loyal customers spread the news of the low – priced but high quality food being sold during the first few periods of the school day. Café achieve now has its own store and success story.

The Geauga Achieve students teamed up with Ms. Danielle Emans’ Entrepreneurial class this year in the new store. Principal Mr. Jay Bishop had the idea of opening a real store, presented it to Ms. Emans and the Geauga Achieve program, and immediately began working to make the dream a reality. The Geauga Achieve students run the café from 7:30 to 10:30 in the morning. They run the actual operations part of the cafe by completing orders and helping the customers. Ms. Emans’ students cover the rest of the shifts until 3 p.m. They also handle the accounting, inventory, orders, advertising and new product releases. Ms. Emans noted, “Cafe Achieve is an amazing business experience for the students who are working the store every day. Not only are they gaining customer service and communication skills, but they are learning numerous business and accounting skills that they can apply and utilize in the real world.”

All of this was made possible by donations…LOTS of donations. Many companies and families gave money, performed installation duties, and provided services to get the job done. Cabinets, countertops, a refrigerator and faucets were all provided and installed for free. There will also be a formal ribbon cutting ceremony on January 6th for Café Achieve!

Even though the students miss the old version, they’re excited about everything new going on in the store. This year they have a much larger selection of foods and beverages available to choose from. They also allow students to buy food using their lunch accounts.

Each student in the Geauga Achieve program has a favorite job, too. Shelby loves getting food for the customers, David likes putting the cookies on the shelf, Megan loves making coffee and Marin enjoys counting money.

All together, these students make up Café Achieves staff and we couldn’t be more grateful to them for the new store. Who doesn’t like hot coffee and a cookie in the morning? Someone conceived it…someone believed it…and now we Achieved it !