I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing !

Mrs. Melanie Kennedy now directs the West G. Melodies


Tickling the Ivory at WG


West Geauga has a new addition to its music department in new chorus teacher, Mrs. Melanie Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy has been a chorus teacher for 4 years, starting in the Sandusky City Schools and now here at West Geauga. She is the main chorus teacher for the middle school and high school. Her directional talents are exhibited among all the choirs in 6th – 8th grades, including a select ensemble, and the three choirs at the high school: concert, chorale, and Class Act. She loves that the students have so many opportunities at WG to get involved with chorus and other programs besides music. Everything at WG has been great for her so far and she’s excited to see the program grow and the students develop their sound.

Outside of her job, she incorporates music into every part of her life. She likes to be involved in musical and community theater, either as a director or as part of the cast. She also plans to audition for a community chorus in Cleveland. Her husband is a music teacher, as well, and they met while they were working in Sandusky. He is now the Band Director at Newbury Schools, so they are no strangers to music. Because she has experience as a chorus teacher (this being her second school), we can expect great things.

Mrs. Kennedy has thoroughly been enjoying her time at WG so far. She says she, “…really feel[s] like [she’s] been welcomed by the staff, administrators and students.” She thinks the students are doing a great job so far, adjusting to a new teacher, and is always excited to work with them.

One of her main goals for the chorus program at WG is to, “…help the program grow.” She wants to get more middle school students involved in chorus so there will be more in high school. She also sees the choir going to perform in new places like the Candlelight Processional at Disney World, in Chicago, or even at the White House. If there’s anyone to do this, it’s Mrs. Kennedy. They must first, however, focus on their winter concert.  Everyone should go to support the high school choirs at their first concert on Thursday, December 3rd at 7 p.m. at Mayfield United Methodist Church. You will get a glimpse of the hard work they’ve put in so far and will surely be amazed by some great songs.