Distracted to Death

Student Assembly Focuses on the Perils of Driving While Distracted


West G is NOT Distracted

An inspirational speaker came to West Geauga High School to deliver an important message and promote safe driving on 11/13/15. Ms. Ellen Hirshman is a part of the Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys (CATA) and she came to West Geauga to speak to the students about safety. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, teens “behind the wheel” and their peer passengers account for 1 of every 5 deaths for 15 – to – 19 year olds in the USA. Additionally, motor vehicle crashes kill nearly FIVE times as many teens as cancer and accidental poisoning annually. There is a huge problem with the way teens drive and something needs to be done.

A countless amount of people have been killed or seriously injured due to a lack of concentration behind the wheel.  Ms. Hirshman even admitted to being a “distracted driver” in the past, but she has done her best to change that. Numerous hands in the crowd went up when asked who is/was guilty of this or has been in the car with someone who is “driving distracted.” Driving a vehicle is one of the most dangerous things done each day and it needs to be taken seriously. This was the main message that Ms. Hirhsman was trying to get across to drivers. She said, “Together we can make a difference on how people approach driving and end distracted driving.”

The foundation of Ending DD (distracted drivers) was created because of Casey Feldman. She was a 21 year old who died in 2009 because a truck driver hit her. This unfortunate event is still raising awareness around the United States. CATA has been able to reach an audience of 300,000+ students to promote this message.

Ms. Hirshman was able to come to West Geauga because her law partner, Mr. George Lucas, gave her the idea. She has been giving motivational speeches for about two years now and is really working to make a difference.

Bracelets and key chains were given out to the students who participated during her presentation. The crowd was very respectful and interactive. Hopefully, people will think twice when it comes to driving distracted.