Leading the Cheers

Cheerleaders Keeping it Real

Courtesy of Pastor Photo

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Courtesy of Pastor Photo

The football cheerleaders started practicing in early August. Every weekday, from 9 until noon, the cheerleaders spent their days working on jumps, chants, cheers, and a dance. The senior captains are Meghan Drain, Bri Cellini, Kendall Lyman, and Hannah Zannetti.   The captains and the other seniors worked hard in the summer to make up the material they later taught the younger girls. The three squads combined have a total of 52 girls.

They all participated in “Wake-Up” shortly before school began. The varsity squad drove around from midnight until 4 a.m., picking up the JV and freshman girls from their houses. This event takes place because it is an exciting way to reveal to the younger girls who their “big sister” is. The varsity girls dress in black and camouflage and surprise the younger girls with silly string and blow horns to wake them up. This is a fun way to get the season started and a GREAT bonding experience for the squads.

Once the school year began, practices cut down to twice per week instead of five. Practice is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Every Thursday a great meal is provided for all JV and varsity cheerleaders and football players. The freshman team plays its games on Thursday evenings, so they do not attend team dinner.

Friday is everyone’s favorite day out of the week because it is game day! The girls wear uniforms, dress up, or cheer – related clothing to school each Friday. Following Friday evening, the JV girls go out on Saturday morning to cheer on the boys at their games. You can find the girls showing off their big bows in their hair and huge smiles on their faces.

On Friday nights, the JV girls participate with the Varsity during pre-game. The 18 varsity girls bring their school spirit and loud voices to every game. This past year the band dance was brought back after not being performed for 3 years. Whenever the band starts to play a song with a good beat, you will find the girls starting to dance to it. Also, after every touchdown, the band plays the fight song, which the girls love to cheer along to. Sometimes you’ll see some tumblers go across the track after the team scores, too.

Countless hours are spent each week making locker signs for the team members. The cheerleaders take pride in the amazing signs that hang all over the school. Each girl is expected to make four signs per week, for their cheer sister and football players. Even with school work every night, they all still manage to get them done.

With the season coming to a close, the seniors are trying to enjoy every second.  Senior Angelina Hrobat said, “I will miss cheering under the Friday night lights the most.”