Freshman Survival 101

Tips From the Top to Help Make 9th Grade More Manageable


Jas & Mel Looking Good

Dear Freshmen,

Hey, guys! We haven’t written this article in a while, but its tips to get you through your freshmen year and the rest of your high school career. This is just little stuff we’ve learned over the past few years here.

First Thing’s First –  

WE DO NOT HATE YOU. One of the biggest misconceptions that incoming freshmen have is that they will spend their first year being hazed and shoved into lockers. This is false! We understand; we were there, too! Everyone at some point was new here. We understand and will help you if you need it.

Walking in the Hallways –

For this little segment, we’ve invited someone who is very passionate about this subject. At only 5 feet tall, she’s a true master of walking in the halls because she has yet to be crushed. “Hey Freshmen, it’s Gabi Engoglia. Listen, I know basically none of you drive…yet. But you have been a passenger in a car for a long part of your life. Therefore, you have stared out the window to see the other cars passing. This is what we call “the way of traffic.”  If you’re driving on the right side of the road, the other cars are passing you on the left side. The cars on the left side do not veer towards the right side because…guess what ? You’d probably crash. It’s the same thing with the hallways, ladies and gentleman. If you’re walking on the left side, JUST STAY ON THE LEFT SIDE AND WAIT UNTIL IT’S SAFE TO CROSS. Walk with the traffic. Also, please stand up, reader. Are you standing? Okay, take a few steps forward at your normal walking speed. Now turn that normal speed up a couple notches. There you go; that’s a good speed. Don’t hold up the hallways. Walk at a good pace and not like my 93 year old grandma, Madeline. In a nutshell, if you walk with the flow of traffic and 2x faster than your usual pace, you’ll be Gucci.”

Time Management –


High School Matters –

Being seniors, we all understand that high school MATTERS. Your grades MATTER. Your involvement in the school MATTERS. Start now because once you’re a junior or senior, you’ll be out of luck and college applications will be due. Save yourself the stress and start early. It may seem worthless, but, believe me, you’ll thank yourself later.

 Still Have Fun. Practice Positivity –

The above being said, you need to have fun. Being involved is a good way to do this! Football games, hockey, tennis…anything. They’re fun and all part of the experience. The more involved you become and the more excited you are about school, the more fun you’ll have. If you have a negative mindset about everything you go into, you won’t have any fun. You can’t control the situation you’re in, but you can control how you react to it. We’re all here in high school. We all have tests, projects, and stress (and the occasional not-so-cool teachers). The thing that sets you apart from everyone else is what you do with it. While you’re here, you might as well have fun, make personal relationships with your teachers, laugh as much as possible and, when it all gets too much, just go for a walk and clear your head. Step out of your comfort zone! If you want to join the band, do it! Try out for basketball if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do. If you love reading, try writing (and then join Journalism…it’s a rad class)! Do what you enjoy in your free time, get a job, or learn how to play an instrument. Don’t waste four years of your life in a constant pity party! Focus on getting good grades, making friends, making memories and having fun.