Game of the Week NFL Style

Engoglia and Cirino Hit the Field During Browns Game

Game of the Week NFL Style

Each week the Cleveland Browns sponsor a “Game of the Week” under the Community section of their web site. Games are nominated and the “winner” is chosen by fan votes. A few weeks ago, West Geauga’s football team won. The prize for winning the game was two tickets to the Browns game, one each for the head coach and the MVP of the game. The race was a close one between the West G vs. Orange game and Copley vs. Hiram.

During lunch, Coach Cirino had his students in advisory period and kids recruited from lunch voting on Chromebooks. There was no limit for the amount of times one person could vote, so there was nothing stopping someone from voting more than 500 times. The football team plans to (hopefully) purchase playoff  t-shirts with the prize money received from the Browns Game of the Week.

When asked about what is was like to win the game of the week, Coach Mr. Lou Cirino said, “It was an exciting opportunity. It was amazing to give my brothers, and Carmen, the experience.”

Senior Carmen Engoglia won game MVP with 5 catches for 86 yards and 2 TD’s and 1 rush for a 6 yard touchdown. When asked what it was like to go to the Browns game and stand on the sideline he said, “It was a really great experience and really put into perspective how big those players are. I met Peyton Manning. That was the coolest. It was an honor repping my team!”