Bueller ? Bueller ? Anyone Here ?

Attendance Office Undergoes Change


Mrs. “P” and Family

As many people might have noticed, there is a new face in the attendance office. Mrs. Theresa Poelking is the new attendance office sectary, replacing Mrs. Pat Yarcusko, who retired after more than twenty years at West Geauga.

West Geauga is a familiar place to Mrs. Poelking, as she attended here 5th through 9th grades in addition to her brother, parents, aunts and uncles all graduating from West G. When asked what it was like being back at her past school, she said, “I have joked that working here is like the movie Groundhog Day. I keep waking up and I’m back in high school. It’s a good thing; I like it here!”

Mrs. Poelking’s favorite part of the job is meeting and getting to know the students and she also enjoys making connections with them and letting them know it matters that they are here. Mrs. Poelking is struggling to remember the faces and names of the more than 700 students here at West G, but that does not compare to having to give the students suspension points.

In Mrs. Poelking’s spare time she enjoys scrapbooking, volunteering and seeing live performances at Playhouse Square, downtown. When Mrs. Poelking isn’t trying to manage all of the students or attending the theater, she enjoys spending time with her husband of thirteen years, two children and, of course, her two cats.

Previous to West Geauga Mrs. Poelking worked as a substitute secretary and then full time secretary for South- Euclid Lyndhurst Schools for a total of five years. According to Mrs. Poelking, she had a variety reasons for applying for this job. Some of these reasons include the close proximity to her house compared to her previous job, her kids attending West Geauga, and being able to be more involved in the community she lives in.

Stop down to see the compassionate and caring Mrs. Poelking in the attendance office sometime soon.