Interact(ing) With Our Community

Service Clubs Making a Difference at West Geauga High School


Interact Members “Floated” Through the Parade

Of all the clubs offered at West Geauga High School, Interact is by far the biggest and most popular. Interact is a great way to involve yourself in the school, build relationships with other students, and help people in your community…as well as the world. They do work inside and outside of the school every year.

Interact is best known for the food drive and the fashion show at the end of each school year. Over the summer, Interact volunteers participated in the Relay for Life event, the Zucchini Festival, the Rotary Golf Outing, Chesterfest and marched in the 4th of July parade. This year, they’re bringing back Yuda bands from Guatemala, something they only do every 3 years. The proceeds go to fund the education of children in third world countries. Interact is also hosting the second annual “Wolverun,” where the proceeds go to Women for Women International.

With approximately 150 students involved, it’s a large club, but each student is involved as much as possible. The board members meet frequently, while the volunteers meet once a month and communicate via email. This year, their committee directors will only work with 3-5 people instead of 50 as in the past. This allows more to be accomplished and more ideas to be heard.

“We want to help students understand the value of individual responsibility, advance international understanding and global goodwill, and develop leadership skills,” said Mrs. Chelsea Talty, club advisor. They seem to be doing just that because people keep coming back for more. Some seniors have been in Interact for four years. Club president, Rachel Cannata, has been in Interact for her whole high school career and has enjoyed her time there. “I enjoy being part of something that makes such a positive impact.”