Costa Rica Futbol

WG Students Conclude Trip with Soccer Game


Prior to the trip, the teachers and students planned to donate expensive binoculars and birding field guides that were written in Spanish. The tour guide was informed about the generous donation they wanted to make, so he called his old school. The school he went to is an Eco-Tourism school and the guide said they could greatly use the supplies. As soon as they arrived at the school, the students were anxious to meet each other. Senora Talty talked to the teacher in Spanish and told him what they had to offer. As soon as she was done talking, all of the excited kids intermingled. Pictures were taken and conversations in half English and half Spanish ensued. Mr. Sustin and Mr. Bryan said the discussions sounded horrible, but they knew the students were trying their best to communicate with each other.

The school in Costa Rica is nothing like West Geauga. West Geauga High School has roughly 88% of its students entering into higher education after they graduate.  Only 11% of the students at the Costa Rican school graduate. Even worse, only 2.5% go on to college. Many of the students drop out of high school to work and help their families. Some families even encourage their children not to graduate. These statistics made the West G. kids realize how truly lucky they are. Their families supported them going to another country to further their educations, but some parents of the Costa Rican kids would never do that, even if they could.  Mr. Sustin said, “While we were getting ready to leave, we were all talking about the amazing experience that we had.  We reminded them to thank their [families] for making this possible. Kids started to physically choke up.”

Ending the trip, the group decided to play a big soccer game. They rented out a field for an hour and split into teams. Mr. Bryan, who is also a soccer coach, said, “Everyone coming together and playing soccer in a country known for it was just amazing. It was such a good bonding experience for the students and teachers. ”

Many memorable moments were created this past summer in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.