The BEST Darn Band in West G. Land

Marching Band Gets it Done



On Friday nights during the fall at halftime, some people are in the locker room. Others are trying to save their “spots” in the student section of the bleachers. But 17% of our entire student body (the largest student group in the school, incidentally) is on the field providing entertainment to the Wolverine faithful. Players ? Nope ! Cheerleaders ? Nope ! Marching Band ? You bet !

The marching band and Wolverettes have memorized and choreographed a whopping twenty-five songs this season. Their favorites include Bully, Runaway Baby, In the Mood, and selections from Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. They have five different shows prepared for this season. In addition to those five shows, they always play the pre-game ritual songs, including the National Emblem, West Geauga’s Fight Song, West Geauga’s Alma Mater, America the Beautiful, and the Star Spangled Banner.

Over the summer, the band meets every weekday for the two weeks prior to school starting and has their band camp practices from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Prior to that, there are student-led rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so that students can get a head start on music practice and memorization.

There is a large variety of genres that the marching band is performing songs from. Along with those songs come formations. In one show of three to four songs, there will be 25-50 separate pages of field drill and a combination of simple and complex motions. As many of you might know, Mr. Jason Branch, our marching band director, went to and played in The Ohio State Marching Band. When asked if any of the formations are inspired by OSU’s marching band, he said, “Yes, several of the more complex halftime maneuvers are borrowed not just from Ohio State, but also from other great college bands [and] drum corps.”

The band council student leaders are Opal Contizano, Tucker Harvey, Kathrine Kulp, Ari Ljubi, Victor Monaco, and Connor Winter. Rachel Cannata, Karissa Gerard and Julia Novitski are the Wolvertte captains.  Senior Chole Martin said, “It’s fun being with friends, being a leader and improving each week. But I’m sad that it’s almost over.”

The WGMB is having a great year so far, and they can’t wait to see what the rest of this season and future seasons bring them.

That’s a beat we can ALL march to !