Costa Rica Part II

Planting Trees, Pineapple, Hiking in the Rain and LOTS more.

Lyman, Petronzio, Deacon & Paterniti dole out the Pineapple

Lyman, Petronzio, Deacon & Paterniti “dole” out the Pineapple


While in Costa Rica the group traveled to Sarapiqui, Playa Manuel Antonio National Park, Adrenal Volcano, San Jose, and Selva Verde Lodge. The places they stayed in were not “average” hotels. One of the places was like a cabana on stilts. Being in a different country resulted in all the living arrangements being different than what is expected here in the US. In Selva Verde, the place they stayed in had a tin roof. As a result, every time it rained it was very loud. Because they were in a rain forest for part of the time, it rained constantly. They even hiked 1.5 miles in a torrential downpour. Mr. Bryan said, “By the third day all the kids were used to getting wet and stopped complaining.”

The group was also able to experience going into a cloud forest, which is also called a fog forest. While exploring the Adrenal Volcano, they were able to swim in a hot spring that was heated by the volcano. The students also swam in the Pacific Ocean and were exposed to central lowlands.

Mr. Bryan (being a human geography teacher) and Mr. Sustin (being an environmental science teacher) decided to have everyone experience something “memorable” and different. They help plant 150 almond trees in an abandoned pasture. Another  memorable time was the organic pineapple tour. The guide had a machete and he would pick the pineapple and cut it up for them in seconds. Even people who normally did not like pineapple ate it. Morgan McClusky said, “My favorite part of Costa Rica was eating delicious food, experiencing a new culture, and traveling to a new country with some of my best friends.

Stay Tuned for Part III…