It’s FINALLY Friday Night

Wolverine Football Team Starts 2015 Campaign 1 – 1


The West G. Student Section Pumps It Up Versus Chardon

The countdown is officially over! The first football game of the 2015 season was just around the corner and West G couldn’t have been more excited. Coach Cirino and his players have been working all year for this moment. Even though mandatory practices started on August 3rd, the boys have been preparing since the end of last season, working out 4 days per week after school and putting in time at home on their own.

The team has been working since last November to get where they are today, so where will they be at the end of the season? The team’s goal was to go 10-0 (meaning to win all 10 games without a loss). How did they want to achieve this goal? When asked, head coach Mr. Lou Cirino said, “What we have been doing since November. Discipline and mental toughness.”

Discipline and mental toughness are some things that this team is not short on. With approximately 216 practices and workouts under their belts for this season, they’ve definitely been working on staying in shape. This isn’t the only thing they’ve been working on, though.

Through all the blood, sweat and tears, they’ve become a family. “I’m excited to see what senior year brings us as a football team. It has been a privilege growing up together and becoming more like a family than a team,” said senior Zachary Suba, wide receiver. “We will forever be Wolverines.” They’ve become a real team, one that can lean on each other for support. “I know if I ever am stuck in jail, I’ve got some good brothers to either be sitting beside me or bailing me out,” said Christopher Zannetti, senior tight end and defensive end (we know  Chris was using this as a metaphor and does NOT  plan to find himself in this situation).

The loss versus Chardon in Week 1 was by a score of 24-6. They began the game with a significant setback as several players were out on disciplinary suspensions. West Geauga also suffered three injuries. Chris Zannetti received a high sprain in his ankle, Matt Ickes broke his leg, and Alec Newlon suffered a concussion. This past week at Riverside, however, the team went home with its  first win of the season by a score of 36-20.

These boys have done a great job to start the season so far and would love support. “I love when students come out,” said Logan Jelliffe, offensive left tackle, “It makes the games so much more exciting. They motivate us to perform better.”