Teares of Joy Rain Down

It All “Adds Up” for Math Teacher’s Perfect Wedding


Mr. and Mrs. Teare

Math teacher Mr. Ethan Teare literally almost shed a tear at his wedding on June 20th this past summer. He married Abby Curtin at the Mayfield Church and it was a real “tear jerker.”

Abby and Mr.Teare both attended Berkshire High School. They went to prom together and started dating the last week of their senior years. The couple was engaged for 14 months. Mr.Teare’s proposal did not work out as planned and he ended up asking her in the parking lot of Chapin Forest. He was adamant about using a piece of paper that stated, “Will you?” on it and then getting down on one knee to finish the question, himself. Even though his proposal did not go as expected, everything at the wedding went smoothly.

When he saw the soon-to-be Mrs.Teare walking down the aisle, he thought to himself how gorgeous she was and said, “I was intent on holding myself together to keep from crying.” Standing up with Mr.Teare as his best man was his brother, Connor. Connor is a senior at Berkshire High School and single (hit him up for prom, ladies).

The couple had 130 guests attend their wedding, Latin teacher Mr. Aaron Graora being one of them. Ms. Kathleen Cooey was another teacher who was invited, but, unfortunately, could not attend.

Following the ceremony, their reception was held at the Welshfield Inn. The dancing and food were a big hit. Chicken piccata and Tilapia were the main meal choices and cupcakes were served as dessert. The couple had a small yellow cake with layers of custard and fruit on it just for themselves.

Mr.Teare was also very proud of the playlist on Spotify that he and Abby made.