A Cup of Joe…Alumni Style

Class of ’08 Grad Leonette replaces Mr. Cardiero


The new athletic director at West Geauga, Mr. Joe Leonette, has high hopes for his new job.  Many applicants applied for the job. According to Principal Mr. Jay Bishop, who was part of the interview process, “He really wanted this job. Joe has a great background with finances and working with kids at Berkshire and when interviewing him, it seemed like he wanted the job the most.”

As the former athletic director at Berkshire High School, Mr. Leonette is adjusting well to the larger athletic department here at West Geauga.  He said, “The transition was smooth because I started at a smaller school to get my feet wet and if hadn’t started there, I think the transition would have been more difficult.”

Mr. Leonette loves being able to interact with the athletes. Since he began his new job, the best part has been going to multiple teams’ practices and watching the kids succeed.  Not only can he run an athletic department, but he was also the junior varsity and varsity baseball coach at Beachwood, following his playing days here at West G.

Mr. Leonette says the job is rewarding but also challenging. He graduated from West Geauga in 2008, so the most challenging part of the job is making sure he doesn’t disappoint his alma mater. “This is a unique position; this is my hometown and I don’t want to let them down.”  The hometown factor is not the only challenge, however.

There is lots of work to be done and he hates going home at night when he knows there’s still work to be done.

Leonette has been here for two months and, overall, he is enjoying his new job. “It’s going to take some time to get things rolling how I want, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.”