Fat Tuesday…West Geauga Style

Mardi Gras Theme Excites WG

2015 Prom Court

2015 Prom Court

Most seniors say prom is the most exciting part of their last year of high school. They look forward to it all year long: the planning, the fashion, the “asking,” and, of course, the after-prom. For the seniors to have fun, there’s a lot of work that goes into planning prom.

Advisors Mrs. Christina Sherwood and Mrs. Chelsea Talty, with help from the senior class officers and parental after – prom committee, worked to make sure this prom was a success. They held several fundraisers to raise money for prom and graduation. They held a volleyball tournament, sold t-shirts for the Powder Puff game, sold valentines grams, and held a Dairy Queen night. Their biggest fundraiser was selling cookie dough, selling $10,000 worth.

The money raising is only part of it, though. The class officers think of several prom themes and the senior class votes. This year, the seniors chose Mardi Gras.

“Since this was the first year planning prom for both of us, there was a definite learning curve.” said Mrs. Talty. “There’s a ton of behind the scenes work that goes on.”

Their goal was to throw a classy but fun prom…and that was the goal met with ease. “I had so much fun!” said Maria Tirabassi, junior. “They did a great job. Everything looked amazing.”

They had nothing but positive reactions from their students, administrators, and chaperones.