AP Art Hits the Road

Museum Trip Enhances Class


Art Goes Downtown

For 22 years, Ms. Lori Nells has been in charge of taking her AP Art History students to the Cleveland Museum of Art. The goal of this trip is for the AP Art History students to explore famous artists and the particular styles of art that they spend all year learning about. This basically equates to experiencing art in the “real world.” According to Mrs. Nells, “Seeing the real thing is very different than seeing it in a textbook or on the big screen.”

This trip met, if not exceeded, Ms. Nells’ expectations. The students even went back to their favorite galleries to get one more look at them. “We had so much fun!” said junior Katy Larrick, AP art history student. “We had a great group and learned a lot. I’d definitely go back.”

Ms. Nells plans to take her class to the Cleveland Museum of Art next year and for many years to come, as it is an excellent learning experience. “The museum is wonderful to work with and offers many programs in art and other cross studies,” said Nells.