Baseball Been “Berry Berry” Good to West G

The Boys of Summer Move On

At the Mouse House 15

At the Mouse House ’15

The West Geauga boys varsity baseball team is doing everything it can to finish out the season on a winning note. The boys currently have a 3 – 15 record, but this doesn’t do justice to the amount of work they put in each day at practice and on game day. In a previous interview, senior Tim Snyder said, “Right now, this game is all mental and we don’t have the confidence we need. [As a senior] I need to make sure everyone’s focus is on the game and nothing else. Focus should not be a problem for the senior – heavy team. The returning seniors include Tim Snyder, JC Mazzurco, Mike Bielek, Gino Bertolone, Jon Belcher, Drake Force, Matt Bobango, Billy Koach, Andrew Cassese, and Anthony Azusenis.

     When asked about the team’s goal for the 2015 season head coach Mr. Phil Byron said, “To improve every day as individuals as a team.” The toughest team that the boys will face is the Chagrin Falls Tigers. Coach Byron also encourages the fans to come out to see a game.

While the victories have not been as plentiful as the team had hoped to date, the Wolverines had an amazing game versus Aurora on April 20th. The boys were down…way down…in the seventh inning. With the help of a scoreless inning,  pitched by Drake Force, the team solidified a win by exploding for an 11 run “last up’s” effort. Hopefully, this game serves as a rally point for more wins. In a News Herald interview Coach Byron said, “You want there to be a point it turns for you and propels.”