The “Vampires” of Red Cross Take West G

Blood Drive Drips to a Halt Early

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter promoted donating a drip at West Geauga !

Ron Weasley from “Harry Potter” promoted donating a drip at West Geauga !

For many years, the WGHS student council has done a great job of hosting at least one blood drive each year. With the weather warming and students growing more and more anxious for summer, it was time for the second blood drive of the year.

With all of the plans made and many students signed up to donate, it was finally the day of the blood drive. The first donors made their way down to the auxiliary gym around 8 am and a steady stream continued until about 10:30 am when a suspicious smell permeated the hallways of West Geauga. It turns out that there was some heavy – duty cleaning being done in other parts of the building, causing the malodorous scents.

At a normal blood drive, there are always a handful of students who end up sick, post-donation. Now, with a smell of (according to some) sewage flowing into the auxiliary gym, the Red Cross workers didn’t want to risk the possibility of more students becoming sick. With the blood drive on hold for a few hours, many willing donors were sadly turned away.

By the time lunch time rolled around, it seemed that the drive would never resume. By one o’clock, the Red Cross workers began packing up and moving out. The circumstances greatly limited the amount of blood donations for the day. Still, despite the abbreviated time frame, we were still able to collect (roughly) 23 pints of blood from 25 donors ! When it comes to saving lives, every last drop counts and West Geauga was glad to help, even in the smaller capacity.