New “Super” Right on the Mark

Board Hires Markwardt to fill Super Shoes


Photo Courtesy of the Chesterland News

      The West Geauga Board of Education finally has come to a decision, concerning its choice for superintendent. The group has chosen Dr. Richard Markwardt, who will take office after he resigns from his position as Beachwood’s Superintendent later this year.

     Markwardt served as the superintendent of the Berkshire School District from 1999-2004. Following the end of his time at Berkshire, he was hired as the Superintendent of Beachwood Local Schools, serving from 2004-2015. Despite his retirement in 2013, he was rehired by the district and is currently finishing his term before joining West Geauga.

     West Geauga has been associated with Markwardt’s life for many years. He is a longtime Geauga County resident, having lived in the area for sixteen years. He also previously worked closely with West Geauga’s former Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Podojil during his time with the school system.

     Markwardt has high standards and lofty goals that he plans to achieve during his time with the district. “My long-term goals are to see West Geauga become a school district that is known state-wide for the breadth and depth of its curriculum,” he said. “The academic achievement of its students, the talent and abilities of its staff, and the pride and support of its community are also very important to me.”

     He also plans to determine the district’s strengths and weaknesses, then raise the strengths and correct the weaknesses

     “We have the luxury of time to improve our strengths,” he explained, “but we need to move quickly to address the weaknesses.”

     Dr. Markwardt also added that he is prepared to make the school district full of, “…safe, fun, and exciting places to learn.” He plans to be personally accessible, saying he plans to be around the students he is serving and hopes the students take the opportunity to introduce themselves as well.

     He closed by noting, “I am truly looking forward to meeting the student body.”