Prosecuting Our “Guilty” Seniors

Seniors AP Students POG it up !


“Contraband” in the hand of a POG game senior

     Have you ever seen what looks like a “drug deal” in the hallway, or a student arresting another student? Don’t worry ! This is not a real life drug deal. These “scenes” in the halls of West G. this past week are from an activity in Mr. Wes Rogge’s AP Government class.

     In order to learn about the workings of the nation’s judicial systems in a unique way, Mr. Rogge has created a game. Students are assigned jobs as dealers, users, cops, undercover’s, lawyers, or judges and all play an important part in this game. Student will deal contraband called P.O.G.S. (Prohibited Objects Given to Seniors) and hide them all around the school in order to avoid being arrested by the cops patrolling the halls.

     For an entire week, most of the senior class is fixated on this game. Stashing POGS in hiding places, making arrests, obtaining the highest quality contraband, needless to say, it’s a little bit chaotic. Cops try to secure evidence in order to obtain a search warrant from a judge and have to recite the Miranda rights before making any arrest.

     At the end of the week, the AP Government classes hold a trial where everyone who was arrested throughout the course of the week is put on trial with a defense and prosecution attorney. Mr. Rogge says, “The cops this year are the best cops I’ve ever had, so the trial at the end should be fairly interesting.”

     While some take the game way too seriously, it is clearly tons of fun for all involved. Despite all of the backstabbing, lies, and, not to mention, tension, the POG game is a fun and creative way for the government students to actually learn the in’s and out’s of a real life judicial system.