The Swedish Solution

West G. Welcomes Felix Granat

The Swedish Solution

     Felix Granat, a 16-year-old foreign exchange student here at West Geauga High School, hails from Stockholm, Sweden. He has been welcomed into Chesterland along with 5 other foreign exchange students for the 2015 school year.

     The Puruczky family is hosting Felix and so far he has adjusted to American life and culture with ease. According to Felix, the main differences between Sweden and the United States are food, sports, and school.

     “America is a bit different from Sweden, but I like it,” Felix explained. Back in Sweden, Felix is involved in various activities, including hockey and soccer. Initially, his desire to play hockey in the United States is what compelled Felix to become involved in a foreign exchange program. Here at West Geauga, Felix is actively participating on the hockey team and is enjoying every minute of it.

     According to assistant coach, Mr. Kurt Wells, “Felix is good ! He has stick handling skills, work ethic, and has been an asset to the team. He is a player.”

     If you see Felix in the halls or around Chesterland, be sure to welcome him with a smile and a warm, “Halla!”