Keeping West G. Alive

Student Council is the HEART of West Geauga

We are W - E - S - T - G
Photo Courtesy of Yearbook

We are W – E – S – T – G Photo Courtesy of Yearbook

      West G is filled with many events throughout the school year, from homecoming and blood drives, to spirit weeks and parades. However, these events would not exist without some planning and preparation by the students. This is where Student Council comes into play, as they are a vital link to bringing life to the school.

     Student Council is led by executive officers Kirstin Boni (President), Regan Burke-Onda (Vice President), Maria Tirabassi (Treasurer), KC Beclay (Corresponding Secretary), and Drew Heatwole (Recording Secretary), as well as their advisor, Ms. Stephanie Rischar. These members are elected by the student council representatives and are in charge of the club as a whole. There are also four class officers per grade who are elected by a whole-class vote throughout the school. The rest of Student Council consists of class representatives. When applying for a position in the club, students must submit an application, along with a list of student and teacher signatures. Overall, there are approximately 130 students involved from grades 9-12 and many take part in other clubs at West G, also.

     Student Council is specifically here to provide opportunities for the school and is the only club created to improve the high school experience, while also creating lasting memories. Members are in charge of the entire Homecoming week, along with the actual Homecoming dance. Other large projects include the blood drive, which happened on December 5th (as well as one in the spring), the Snowball Spirit Week and dance, and other small projects. These tasks can include selling tickets, as well as working concessions at the football games. There are also committees created from time-to-time, like the blood drive committee. These allow representatives to take a leadership role in the process as well.

     Meetings take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month before school in Room 124. They consist of discussions about past and future events, as well as event sign-ups and “Quota.” This is the amount of events the members must participate in each month to stay in “good standing” during the year.

     Student Council is always looking for input to help improve activities and events occurring in the school. If anyone, member or not, has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share them with Ms. Rischar or any of the executive officers. They would love to hear from you!