It’s a Kind of MAJIC

105.7’s Malone Visits West G.


            West Geauga High School had a special visit from Jimmy Malone, one of the radio DJ’s at MAJIC 105.7, to help educate the seniors on which college is right for them. Malone’s agenda consisted of all the things to consider when choosing a college.

            According to Mr. Malone, the biggest thing to consider when choosing between colleges is the amount of student debt you will accumulate once you graduate. “It’s all about asking yourself, ‘what’s the best financial package for me?,’ he explained. “I have a girl I’m working with right now who wanted to go to a private college instead of, basically, a full ride to Kent State, even though she couldn’t afford the private one. She called me last month, asking me if the scholarships for Kent are there because she can’t afford college anymore. But they probably aren’t, and now she has no clue what will happen.”

            The biggest piece of advice Mr. Malone gave was, “Do whatever you possibly can to graduate with as little student debt as possible. Apply for as many scholarships as possible (as long as they’re free to apply). He also asked the students listening if any of them applied for a diversity scholarship. The only students who raised their hands were those of color, which is what most people think when they hear the word “diversity.” Mr. Malone explained, however, diversity can also mean “variety” in academics. “Maybe there aren’t enough liberal arts majors in a school of engineers and they need to fill those gaps with scholarships; you should apply!”