S.A.D.D. Day to see the “King”

“King James” Has an Audience with the Wolverine Students

Nobody is SADD at the Q

Courtesy of Mr. Bishop

Nobody is SADD at the Q

     While the rest of the school was stuck at home studying or watching TV, Teen Institute advisor, Mr. Mike Mikes, and principal, Mr. Jay Bishop, gave 35 lucky students the chance to witness the new and improved Cleveland Cavaliers in action. Ever since the return of the “king,” LeBron James, the Cavaliers are said to be an entirely new team and our 35 wolverines were anxious to be excused from class for part of the day to witness this new team take on the Milwaukee Bucks.

     While most of the students were focused on the game, itself, it would not be the only time they would be in the Q that day. Participating in a S.A.D.D. seminar, the students spent the afternoon in the lower level of the Q. Students Against Destructive Decisions is an organization that sets out to inform as many adolescents as possible about the potentially harmful effects of their own decisions. Topics discussed at the Q included the effects of abusing prescription medications, illegal drugs, drunk driving, and texting while driving.

     At the end, all of the students had the opportunity to shoot a free-throw and take a picture on the court, a once in a lifetime opportunity. The seminar was informative and all in attendance benefitted from it.

     Following the seminar, the group had some time to kill and made their way over to Tower City for some dinner and shopping. The majority of the group settled upon dining at the Hard Rock Café.

     The group then made its way back to the Quicken Loans Arena where, once inside, the students were free to do as they pleased. The game was very close and full of excitement with celebrities like Kate Upton, C.C. Sabathia, and Johnny Manziel in attendance.