The Democratic Process at Work

Seniors Participate in Election Day

The Democratic Process at Work

     On Tuesday, November 4th, most people, eighteen years or older, made room in their schedules for a trip to the voting booths at some point in the day. For three of West Geauga’s own, they didn’t simply make a trip to the voting booths: they spent fourteen hours of their day there.

     Seniors, Jenna Ebersbacher, Kyle Kaniecki, and Juliana Ruben worked the polls for an exhausting fourteen hours last Tuesday. All of voting age, the trio had to participate in a brief training class, prior to election day, in order to be able to work at the polls.

     Working as greeters, guides, and general helpers, the three missed school for the entire day to contribute to the cause on election day. All of their efforts did not go unnoticed, as each worker earned a paycheck for $140 at the end of the long day.

     Jenna Ebersbacher described her experience saying, “It was a really long day but a good life experience. I don’t regret doing it, but I definitely would not do it again.”

     It’s great to see some of West Geauga’s own participating in the “democratic process.” Great job, guys!