A “Thrilla” from “Brazilla”

A Thrilla from Brazilla

     When thinking of a typical vacation, most people envision a ten day trip, relaxing on a sandy beach somewhere warm. For Giovana Elias, her vacation was an entirely different story that landed her in a whole new world.

     At only fifteen years old, Giovana made the brave decision to travel to a location with an ever-changing temperature and no beach within a thirty minute drive; she chose to spend an entire school year with the people of Chesterland, Ohio. In August, Giovana left behind her parents Clâudimara and Rivelino, as well as her brother, Leonardo, in São Paulo Brazil for the unknown state of Ohio, hoping to learn “real” English without an accent.

     An interesting fact is that the main hub of the 2014 Mens World Cup was stationed in Giovana’s hometown of São Paulo last summer. Giovana described the World Cup as, “… a big party,” although it did not end well for the host nation, Brazil.

     So far in her time here at West Geauga, Giovana is most surprised by the different ways that the students greet each other and describes the atmosphere of the school as “different.” Keeping in touch with her parents through multiples apps on her phone, Giovana informs them of all of the fun experiences she’s had thus far, like attending the Geauga County Fair.

     Giovana anxiously looks forward to all that she will do during the rest of her time here at West Geauga, while remaining focused on her goal to, “improve her English perfectly,” before she returns to her life in São Paulo. Bien – venido, Giovana !