Secondary Guidance

Haldeman Interns in WGHS Guidance

Secondary Guidance

     You might have seen a new face in the guidance department. This is our new guidance intern and her name is Ms. Lin Haldeman. By her own account she is a sarcastic, shy, and a very honest person. She attended The Ohio State University for her undergraduate degree and is currently attending John Carroll University, working toward her Masters of Education in school counseling.

     At Ohio State she enrolled into classes that specifically catered to what a counselor would do, meaning (almost literally) anything that has the word “education” in it.

     Ms. Haldeman is a native of Chagrin Falls and, when asked where she “sees herself” in five years, she mentioned a desire to be a counselor in either Northeast or Central Ohio.

     Ms. Haldeman has really enjoyed West Geauga so far (We plan to ask her about that again in 2 weeks after the Chagrin – West Geauga football game…). She likes the students here because they are “really friendly.”

     As far as her daily routine is concerned, she does whatever Mrs. Zannetti, Mr. Callahan, or Ms. Widman ask, but she spends most of her day, “…hunting down students,” who dismiss the “Report to Guidance,” passes they receive.

     The one thing she doesn’t like about West G is that most people don’t know she exists. Mrs. Zannetti said, “She is still getting used to the school and students. She is a very hard worker and we are lucky to have her.”

     When asked why she chose to be a counselor, she responded, “I didn’t choose the counselor life, the counselor life chose me.”