“Knight” Sets One Final Time For Newbury Cheerleading

Michelle Elliot’s Graduation Marks the End of an Era


Jayden Thompson, Staff Writer

Michelle Elliot was honored at senior night, prior to the boys varsity basketball game versus Orange for her long commitment to West Geauga as a cheerleader. Yes, all seniors are honored at some point or another in their various sports and activities. So, what’s so special here ? Glad you asked. 

Before transferring to West Geauga, Michelle also cheered for Newbury. As Newbury has closed and become a part of West Geauga, this makes Michelle the “last” Newbury cheerleader. Because Newbury is no longer open, it marks the end of an era and was recognized for that significance. 

Michelle was recognized as the “last” Newbury cheerleader and dozens of Newbury residents, alumni and supporters attended the game to note the special circumstances of this senior night. 

Also a member of the National Honors Society, Michelle has been cheering since she was a little girl and hasn’t stopped. She says that once she arrived at West Geauga, her, “…fellow cheerleaders and her coaches,” are what kept her in the sport.

In addition to her high school diploma from West G. Michelle also plans to graduate from Lakeland this year. She doesn’t plan to go to college to continue cheerleading, but she will attend Ursuline College to study nursing.

When asked about the finality of the situation, Michelle said that it’s scary to think that once she is gone, “…everything Newbury is over. No one will be around to bring Newbury cheers or traditions back,” she said. Although she might be the last Newbury cheerleader to graduate, many will say the “cheers” will never be forgotten, as they live on in people’s memories. And, as the saying goes, “Tradition never graduates.” 

Anyone who cheered on the team or was in the stands with it will never forget those times.  Michelle Elliott might be the last Newbury cheerleader in name, but the spirit lives on.